Parish Moves Toward Upgrades

Dear Parishioners, As you’ll recall, in May 2018, we did a “Re-Survey” of the parish community to see how folks felt about our various buildings and how to proceed.   Eight informational presentations were given in the month prior to the re-survey.   And the survey was mailed to every household (1,100).   459 individuals completed the survey (which accounts for 75% of our average weekend Mass attendance). Of those 459 surveys, 62% supported upgrades to our existing churches, while 32% supported building a new church campus.   Additionally, 63% of respondents did not support upgrades to the existing parish center.   Further, 69% of respondents supported upgrades to the existing St. Clare School building.   With respect to the question of whether or not to build a new parish center, the respondents were more split (53% said no, 44% said yes). With the completion of the re-survey, we turned our sights toward upgrading the existing churches and school.   A Deferred Maintenan
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